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More than 40 years VETZ dedicatedly manufactures diesel generating sets, aircraft ground power units and load banks. Diesel gen-sets are the prime focus of VETZ industrial activity, they are manufactured in the range from 25kVA to 20000kVA, of voltage 400V, 6000V-24000V.

VETZ diesel gen-sets are efficient and reliable power source in the severe climatic conditions from Siberia tundra -60C with a snow blizzard to Middle Asia desert +60C with a sand storm. In very different branches from military operations and space researches to the health care and from the oil pumping, transportation, telecom to the agriculture they are in the high demand and applicable.

In past and present VETZ power equipment time by time complies the highest challenges. The power supply of most sensitive devices of the launch site of Soviet unparallel space shuttle complex “Energia” – “Buran” was run with VETZ inertia UPS machines.

VETZ diesel gen-sets integrate the reliable mechanical construction with sophisticated systems of control and protection, in the plentiful range of variations and options.

The customization is the maxima of their design, with the task of the functional perfection of gen-sets considering their application.

VETZ gen-sets manufacturing is based on the attentive choice of components, the high-skilled company personal, on the advanced technology in the metal-fabrication, electronics and electrotechnics, assembling and painting, with the scheduled quality control and the final comprehensive testing.

VETZ gen-sets are assembled with vibration compensation supports on tank frames for gen-sets up to 1250kVA of power and on robust base frames for gen-sets of bigger power.

VETZ gen-sets are equipped with soundproof canopies, special mobile containers, devices for synchronization with the grid and with another gen-sets, automatic power transfer switch boards, fuel refill pumps, heating, ventilation, fire extinguisher and protection devices, they could be mounted on trailers.

Management systems of VETZ gen-sets meet the contemporary demand for remote control of the equipment via telecommunication network for integration in Smartgrid or Microgrid. VETZ automatic gen-sets are able to perform the high degree of self-control to limit their dependence from staff operation.

Besides of gen-sets VETZ manufactures wide range of aircraft ground power units for 400Hz of frequency and DC power supply, and load banks for the power equipment of data centers, telecom networks, reserve and prime power house installations etc.

For all of manufactured power equipment VETZ supplies the customers with comprehensive manuals, spare parts catalogs, warranty charts and service books.

Together with the dealers and qualified partners VETZ provides the onsite design, the installation works and the start up operations, the spare parts support and the service for the supplied power equipment, the customer staff trainings.

VETZ diesel generating sets of the range from 25kVA to 20000kVA are the power source for day-to-day reliability and for very ambitious developments.