Diesel gen-sets onsite installation and service

VETZ diesel gen-sets are the finished and complete product, the customer is able to use it immediately without any ajustments or amendments. VETZ gen-sets guide books provide detailed information how to install, connect and put the gen-sets into work, the protection rules etc.

In spite of this, for the effective application of gen-sets frequently it is necessary to bring skilled onsite installation and electrical connection of the gen-sets with VETZ specialized team or with the technicians educated by VETZ of VETZ dealers or service partners. It is highly recommended especially in the following cases:

The warranty service of VETZ gen-sets including the warranty defects clearance has to be procedured with VETZ representatives or with the tecnicians of VETZ dealers and partners appointed by VETZ.

VETZ supplorts the necessary stock of vital spare parts for the gen-sets including spare parts for main components (engines, alternators, cabinets) and has the skilled staff for fast repair of the gen-sets.

The regular service of VETZ gen-sets has to be provided according the user guide books. The spare parts and materials for the current service have to be collected according the guide books and to be pur chased rather from VETZ rather from the firms appointed by key componetnts manufacturers. The service itself is to be executed by the sckilled staff of the user or by the specialized firm.