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February 18, 2015

VETZ 2000kVA continues power diesel gen-sets

The application of VETZ 2000kVA continues power diesel gen-sets is the constant power supply of the drilling machines and other equipment of the infrastructure of the gas and oil fields. They are designed for reliable power supply in the absence of the grid. Their special feature is the ability to meet the jumps of the load at the start of electrical motors and the change of the load during their work. VETZ continues power gen-sets with MTU4000 series engines for oil and gas application are on the level of perfection with frequently used Cummins and CAT, but superior considering mobile container reliability in strict north conditions. The detail information about VETZ 200kVA continues power gen-sets is available on Specification page of

Model AD1600-T400-2RN, № J10019

February 2, 2015

The manufacturing of VETZ gen-sets with Iveco engines under the Two weeks program continues spite of abrupt change of the currencies rates and growing expenses for imported parts. Considering number parts manufactured by VETZ itself and advanced parts of Russian origin in the construction of gen-sets, VETZ customers bear much lesser cost losses than the customers of imported gen-sets, and don’t bear the quality losses at all. VETZ gen-sets are the same reliable, well designed and assembled gen-sets on the best level in the industry. Low noise VETZ gen-sets of the power 100kVA (AD80-T400-2RP) and 200kVA (AD160-T400-2RP) with Iveco (Italy) engines are the examples. The are equipped with autostart in case of the mains fall and with the automatic power transfer switch under the canopy. Both meet ecological norms for applications near living and office buildings and enjoy big volume fuel tanks for the long work with the full load. The detailed information is available on the “Specifications” page of

January 27, 2015

VETZ emergency 1250kVA 6300V on trailer container gen-set

The gen-set is manufactured in VETZ large gen-sets assembling shop. It is designed for emergency power back up of a city infrastructure including the start of MV electrical motors and power supply of step down transforming stations. It is assembled with the engine of MTU (Germany) and the alternator of Marelli Motori (Italy), all construction parts, power distribution and control systems are manufactured by VETZ. The special feature of the gen-set is the ability of the transportation on regular city roads, the stubbornness to severe climatic conditions (from -60C to +40C in a wind, rain, snow etc), the fuel tank of 4000l for 16h work for the full load, and VETZ control system for automatic synchronization with another gen-sets and with the grid. (Details are available in the brief ED1000-T6300-2RN)

Model ED1000-T6300-2RN, № J08017