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October 21, 2014

VETZ container gen-sets with Iveco engines under “In two weeks” program

In the range of VETZ diesel gen-sets manufactured under “In two weeks” program, besides low noise gen-sets in canopies the production of container gen-sets has been started. The maxima of the production is the same: in the lead time of two weeks the customer receives the gen-set in flexible composition with the choice of components from the wide proposal of VETZ. Main construction details of the gen-sets made by VETZ and necessary components from outside are always available on VETZ stock. VETZ gen-sets of the prime power of 200kVA and 250kVA are customized in VETZ mobile power containers. They are assembled on the tank frames with the capacity of 450l and 640l respectively for 12h of the work with the full load without a refill. VETZ power container is a mobile frame edifice with the free design for ventilation windows and excess doors according with the customer onsite specifics, a removable wall is used for the installation of the gen-set. The container is equipped with the fire and protection alarm, with automatic inhale and exhale jalousies, ventilation, room heating, fire extinguisher, staff protection, regular and emergency lighting etc. Container VETZ200 and VETZ250 gen-sets have the boards of automatic power switch. The detailed technical data of VETZ “In two weeks” program gen-sets are issued on site in the “Specifications” part.

September 10, 2014

VETZ load banks for telecom application

Besides the main activity in the production of the gen-sets of the unit power up to 3750kVA of different types including medium voltage up to 15kV, VETZ continues to develop and to manufacture the load banks as for gen-set industry and gen-set service as for the service of different aviation and telecom equipment. VETZ load banks are the devices of special design and industrial manufacturing, they consist of special VETZ heat resistors which are different from the regular heaters used to assemble the load banks sometimes. Made with special alloys they meet high requirements for the accuracy of the load, long run ability of the banks, application in the harsh weather conditions and staff protection. The examples are VETZ series load banks of 45kVA and 100kVA for the telecom application. The assembling of VETZ load banks is unlimited in power. To control the multibank assembling VETZ manufactures special control panels. The detailed information about VETZ load banks is available in the Specifications part of VETZ site.

September 5, 2014

VETZ continues power 1250kVA gen-sets for the oil field development

The development of the oil fields in the remote areas demands the independent power supply of the continues power with the ability to take 100% of the load for unlimited time. VETZ 1250kVA gen-sets with MTU 12V4000G23 engines meet very this demand. The gen-sets are constructed in VETZ containers (frame mobile edifices) equipped with fire alarm, automatic fire extinguisher, ventilation, staff protection, inhale and exhale jalousies, inside room heating. The gen-sets are assembled on VETZ high reliability frames with special supports to absorb the vibration, they are equipped with VETZ control and protection cabinets with DEIF controllers, supplied with heaters of the engine cooling liquid and with the fuel heaters. The fuel tanks of 1000l volume meet the demand for 4h gen-set work with the full load and permitted overload of 10% for 1h, VETZ automatic refuel device enables unlimited work. The detailed information aboul VETZ 1250kVA gen-sets of continues work is included in “Specifications” part on VETZ site.

Model AD1000-T400-2RN, № J05010

June 25, 2014

“In two weeks” – VETZ program for fast and flexible manufacturing of the gen-sets with the power up to 400kVA with Iveco FPT engines is going ahead

A short delivery time and a flexibility of options are two main results the customers achieve ordering VETZ gen-sets under the new program “In two weeks”. And the low price - third main topic of VETZ marketing – is in action still. VETZ gen-sets prices are lower that imported in Russia with same brand parts and functions for 20-30% depending from the options set. The base for the low price is the direct supply of VETZ with engines, alternators, controllers from the manufactures, and the fine technology of VETZ production. Also VETZ supplies in the gen-sets the range of the solutions unavailable on the general market. They are big fuel tanks with 24h of full load work capacity, the containers tailored for the gen-sets sizes, special solutions for the cold climate: electrical (AD32-T400-1RP) and diesel (AD58-T400-1RP) heaters of engines cooling liquid, the fuel heaters, diesel and electrical heaters for the container room. The inside installation of the automatic power transfer switch in VETZ soundproof canopy is possible (AD280-T400-2RP), also there is the cold climate option with automatic air input and output jalousies, inside room heater and fire extinguisher. The flexibility and the short delivery time of the manufacturing of VETZ gen-sets under “In two weeks” program are achieved because VETZ has on stock not only engines and alternators for the gen-sets but also all necessary small details and parts. Tank-frames, soundproof canopies, containers for the gen-sets are prepared on stock too from VETZ own metal-fabricating and painting. The choice of options for the gen-sets of “In two weeks” program is available on VETZ site under “In two weeks” button (link). You are welcome!

June 20, 2014

VETZ participation on the leading oil & gas exhibition “Caspian Oil & Gas”, June 3-6, 2014, Baku, Azerbaijan

The highest level of this global event is supported not only by the participation of the international leading companies in the oil & gas sector such us Shell, BP and Lukoil. The President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilkham Aliev personally opened the event. In his introductory speech The President outlined the prospects of the development not only for oil and gas industry of Azerbaijan but also for connected international projects in the transportation and processing of oil and gas. VETZ become one of the few Russian companies supplying high-tech equipment for the development of the oil and gas sector in the Caspian region. Diesel gen-sets of VETZ, manufactured for oil and gas industry, are reliable power sources not only on Russian oil fields, for transportation and processing facilities, but also for the industry in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan), Algeria, Azerbaijan etc. The manufactured according international standards, with the components of the world leaders in the engine, electrotechnical, electronics industries, supported with global warranty, VETZ gen-sets are highly applicable for international development programs. The growth of the Azerbaijan oil and gas sector is accompanied by the growth in the construction, power generation, industry, health care, services. VETZ gen-sets are applicable in all of them. Caspian region is the priority for VETZ because it helps to manufacture the equipment of highest technical level for the top customers. VETZ exposition attracted highest interests from exhibitors and guests of the exhibition “Caspian Oil & Gas”.

June 17, 2014

VETZ diesel gen-sets for "In two weeks" program

This program is developed for fast and flexible manufacturing of diesel gen-sets with high customization demands in the power range from 25KVA to 700kVA with engines of Iveco (Italy), Perkins (UK), MTU (Germany), Ricardo (China). Under the program “In two weeks” VETZ manufactures the gen-sets of two main types: silent one and container one. In the frames of two types the customer has numerous options in the automatization (with manual control, automatic control, full automatics with a fuel refill or a power transfer switch), in the application (continues, prime or reserve power), in a climatic conditions and in many other details including a color of a painting (see blue, red, yellow or metallic grey one). In a difference from stock programs of importers and local pack makers the VETZ manufactures for the customer the gen-set which really meets the requirements with everything necessary and nothing besides. It means that this gen-set has an optimized price and is effective in a work. For example for the application in a moderate climate the customer could order a silent gen-set in the low noise canopy with electrical cooling liquid heater (AD30-T400-2RP), for more strick climate – additionally with a fuel heater, for the start in a deep cold – with a disesel heater fueled from a gen-set tank (AD100-T400-1RP), for the severe polar conditions – the gen-set in a thermal isolated container. And all the flexibility – only in two weeks! For the ordering of VETZ gen-sets under “In two weeks program” there is the special configuration page with the button on high right on VETZ site. You are welcome!

May 22, 2014

Introduced the possibility of order diesel gen-set (30 / 60 / 100 / 160 kW) via the configurator ("2 weeks")

The page of order via configurator is available through the top menu: "2 weeks".

You can still order diesel gen-set using free form order on the page "Order".

March 20, 2014

VETZ Reserve gen-sets of the prime power 800kVA and 1000kVA for a remote town on the Russian Far East

The gen-sets are designed for uninterrupted supply of the power consumers in a case of a fall or an overload of local power generation facilities and the grid. VETZ enjoys еру long experience of the design and the production of gen-sets for еру power supply of important consumers as the low voltage one of 400V as the medium voltage one of 6300-13000V. The range of the outside temperature for the gen-sets is from -60C to +50C. VETZ gen-sets are assembled with MTU engines of 2000 series and Marelli Motori alternators according the OEM approvals of MTU (Germany) and Marelli Motory (Italy) as key components suppliers. Both engines and alternators are able for the fast acceptance of the load and the overload according strict Russian standards. Their start and work in the cold climate are supported by the independent diesel heater of the engine, the electrical heater of the engine from the grid, the fuel run heater, the heater of the container room. The long unserviced run of the gen-sets is supported by the automatic fuel pump from the outside tank into the own tank of the gen-set. The control and power distribution system is manufactured by VETZ with the controllers of Tecnoelettra (Italy). It secures the full-scale set of the protections, the gen-set control from the control board or from the outside control panel, the self-control (the automatic work), the synchronization with another gen-sets or with the grid. The gen-sets are constructed in VETZ special power edifices (containers) tailored according the gen-set specifics and the customer reqirements. They are equipped with alarms, protections, fire extinguishers, ventilation etc for the independent work. The service of the gen-sets is available inside the containers or via the removable wall. The detailed information about VETZ reserve gen-sets of the prime power 800kVA and 1000kVA for a remote town on the Russian Far East is available via the Specifications link on