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December 10, 2013

VETZ silent gen-sets with FPT / Iveco engines

VETZ continues the manufacturing of silent gen-sets of different types with FPT/Iveco engines. They have flexible design which affords to supply customized units with automatic jalousies for the cold climate (as VETZ 60kVA automatic gen-set), with diesel heaters of the cooling liquid (as VETZ 125kVA prime power gen-set), with integrated power transfer switch boards (as VETZ 125kVA automatic gen-set). VETZ silent gen-sets are manufactured for reliable application with high capacity fuel tanks (for example the tank of VETZ 250kVA automatic gen-set has 900l capacity), with automatic power extinguishers (option) and with inside room heaters (option) (as VETZ 200kVA automatic gen-set).

December 2, 2013

VETZ gen-sets with Perkins engines for the power support of the Telecom equipment

The electronic telecom equipment requires the reserve power support. The capacity of the batteries is always limited, an enlargement of battery parks – too expensive, especially in a case of long or frequent power interruptions. Diesel gen-sets are able to support the power supply automatically as long as it is necessary as directly as charging the batteries. Depending of climatic conditions, the location specifics and other various demands, the gen-sets could be supplied in thermo proofed containers or silent in sound proofed canopies. The container gen-sets (as an example of VETS 20kVA gen-set supplied to Eastern Siberia shows) are reliable for long (in this case up to 10 days) automatic work in the temperature range from -50C to +40C with high level of fire and violation protection. Silent gen-sets (as in example of VETZ 62kVA gen-set supplied to Moscow region shows) are applicable in the town conditions including installed inside living and office buildings, because their noise level is limited to 71Db on the 7m distance.

August 20, 2013

VETZ reserve MV gen-set for 250mW power installation in the North of Tyumen region

The North of Tyumen region with huge oil and gas fields and growing towns has a deficit of the power, the construction of power generating facilities is the priority for the region. VETZ manufactured, tested and shipped 1250kVA 6300V reserve gen-set for 250mW power installation under this program. VETZ is the only Russian manufacturer of MV (up to 15kV) powerful (up to 3500kVA of the unit power) gen-sets with best high speed engines of MTU (Germany) and Perkins (UK). VETZ MV gen-sets are equipped with Marelli Motori (Italy) alternators, TE controllers and reliable MV cabinets. Considering that VETZ designs and manufacturers not only the construction of the gen-set but also the control and MV systems the gen-set manufactured for power installation in Tyumen region is deeply customized. During the power installation construction period it will work as the prime power source, and as the reserve one afterwards. It is able for parallel operations with the grid and other similar gen-set. The gen-set enjoy 4tn fuel tank and automatic device for the fuel refill from the outside tank. It is installed inside VETZ specialized KK power container with fire and protection alarm, automatic fire extinguisher, ventilation, inhale and out jalousies etc. The gen-set control system could be monitored or managed from the installation central computer. It is very important that VETZ MV gen-sets are throughfuly tested on the special test bench.

Model: AD1000-T6300-2RN, № E07027

August 8, 2013

VETZ gen-set for prime power supply of a remote forest village in Far East Khabarovsk region

A lot of small remote villages on Russian Far East are not connected to general grid, besides frequently they don’t have own central power distribution network. In this case it is necessary to arrange independent power generation of the village or multiple power generations for separate installations, rather living or industrial. Considering that many of the installation didn’t have own round a clock staff while the electrical power serves additionally as a source for the heating, it is necessary to equip the power generation with the gen-sets reliable in the long continues work as prime power sources without the staff and the manual refuel. VETZ 500kVA gen-set with MTU engine is attended for this kind of use. It is designed for the powerhouse installation, it is equipped with automatic power switch and automatic fuel refill from an outside tank.

Model: AD400S-T400-3R, № E07028

August 2, 2013

VETZ container gen-set for gold mine in Magadan Arctic region

As OEM partner of MTU VETZ equips part of manufactured gen-sets with high efficiency MTU engines. They well suit for the power supply in remote areas where the long work as prime power source and the ability to take full loads sharply is necessary. The gen-set of 750kVA manufactured by VETZ for gold mine in Magadan Far East Arctic region meets all the requirements. It is installed inside of VETZ KK contained (mobile edifice) for work in severe climate conditions of snow, blizzard, ice rain in a temperature range from -50C to +50C, the control panel of the gen-set supports automatical long uninterrupted work and reliable acceptance of the load, automatic refuel from outside fuel tank. The gen-set is manageable from remote PC.

Model: AD600-T400-3RN, № E06025

June 17, 2013

VETZ container gen-sets for mining and construction enterprises in Kazakhstan

The active development of the economy in Kazakhstan has to be met with the reliable power supply as with the prime power as with the reserve one. In the severe climatic conditions of Kazakhstan the power facilities have to work in the temperature range from -50C to +50C. VETZ gen-sets completed with advanced engines and electronic control systems installed in VETZ power containers (mobile edifices) are relible in this temperature range. For the mining and construction enterprises VETZ manufactured customized container gen-sets of the power of 400kVA (AD320-T400-1RN) with Iveco engine and 500kVA (AD400-T400-2RN) with Perkins engine. First one is designed to work as prime power source with manual control, second one – as reserve power source with automatic controle and equipped with automatis power switch. Both engines have electronic governors and enjoy high ability to take and bear a load with effective fuel consumption. The power containers of VETZ are frame-type mobile edifices free for design of necessary doors and windows according the installation requirements. The gen-sets are put in and out of container via the removable wall. The containers are equipped with automatic fire extinguisher, automatic ventillation and blinds, fire and protection alarm. The controls of the gen-sets and container could be managed from a remote PC.

May 6, 2013

Low noise gen-sets with IVECO and MTU engines for an office building, bank and retail mall

Low noise gen-sets with IVECO and MTU engines for an office building, bank and retail mall. VETZ uses the wide range of industrial IVECO and MTU engines to meet the gen-set requirements of different customers. With VETZ soundproof canopies they could be installed on the fucilities where the limitation of a sound exists: for office buildings (AD160-T400-1RP), banks (AD300-T400-2RP) and malls (AD60-T400-2RP). Besides the noise reduction VETZ soundproof canopies serve as gen-set shelters in the middle climate as of Russian south regions, and the access protection. VETZ soundproof canopies are manufactured with a tailoring, flexing, painting of 3mm steel sheets and with waterproof assembling of detailes. VETZ low noise gen-sets are equipped with fuel tanks of a big capacity for 12-24h full load work without a refueling.

April 11, 2013

VETZ movable container gen-sets for technical research centers with MTU and Ricardo engines

VETZ movable container gen-sets for technical research centers with MTU (ED500-T400-2RN) and Ricardo (ED500-T400-2RN) engines of 625kVA of the prime power are designed for mobile reserve application. As ordinary they are parked and prepared for the emergency use. In case of an emergency the research center staff moves the gen-sets to the power connection boards of the endangered equipment. For an automatic power supply of critical consumers in case of the mains fall the gen-sets are equipped with automatic power transfer boards. Also the gen-sets are controllable manually with control panels inside the containers or with remote control panels. They have electrical cooling liquid heaters for low temperature start. VETZ containers enable the temperature range for the gen-sets of -60C to +60C. The containers have automatic jalousies, ventilation, fire extinguishers, fire and protection alarms. They are mounted on the trailers and fixed with special VETZ locks for a safe transportation and fast installation.

March 20, 2013

VETZ transportable gen-sets with IVECO engines for repair services of heat supplying companies

VETZ transportable gen-sets with IVECO engines of 125 kVA (ED100-T400-1RP) and 37,5kVA (ED30-T400-1RP) of the prime power for repair services of heat supplying companies are designed for an application in severe climatic conditions of Urals region. They are mounted on reliable two wheels trailers to be driven on town roads and countryside ones. The gen-sets have diesel heaters to support the start of the gen-sets in low temperatures down to -50C. The weatherproof canopy is simple and convenient for a work and service, the control panel is combined with the power distribution board with different connectors for power consumers of different power.

12 февраля 2013 г.

Резервный контейнерный электроагрегат мощностью 160кВт для районной больницы в Краснодарском крае

Оснащение медицинских учреждений современной техникой требует обеспечить их бесперебойное электроснабжение. Кроме того оно необходимо при проведении операций и реанимационных процедур, при работе с аппаратурой не допускающей перерыва электроснабжении, а так же для создания бытовых удобств пациентам и персоналу. В одной из районных больниц краснодарского края введен в эксплуатацию резервный контейнерный электроагрегат ВЭТЗ мощностью 160кВт. Дизельгенератор собран с двигателем IVECO NEF N67 TM3A и генератором ВСМ38-160 на моноблочном баке-раме емкостью 450л, что обеспечивает непрерывную 14ч работу электроагрегата на полную мощность. Панель управления электроагрегатом ВЭТЗ построен на котроллере DACTS701. Электроагрегат установлен в полностью автоматизированном контейнере ВЭТЗ, оснащенном автоматическими приточно-вытяжными жалюзи, вентиляцией, системой пожаротушения, пожарно-охранной сигнализации, основным и аварийным освещением и т.д.

Model: AD160-T400-1RN, № D12111

18 января 2013 г.

730кВт резервный контейнерный дизельный электроагрегат для молла Leroy Merlin

Электроагрегат прдназначен для обслуживания отвественных потребителей торгового центра, в том числе на этапе ввода в эксплуатацию в условиях частичного ограничения энергоснабжения по основной питающей сети. Эта задача предполагает длительную работу электроагрегата как основного источника электроэнергии в режиме continues. Дизельгенератор собран на ВЭТЗ с двигателем Perkins 4006-23TAG и генератором Mecc Alte ECO43-2SN/4 на моноблочном баке-раме ВЭТЗ емкостью 680л, что обеспечивает 4ч работу электроагрегата на полную нагрузку. Панель управления электроагрегатом ВЭТЗ построена на многофункциональном передовом котроллере TE808. Электроагрегат установлен в полностью автоматизированном контейнере ВЭТЗ, оснащенном автоматическими приточно-вытяжными жалюзи, вентиляцией, системой пожаротушения, пожарно-охранной сигнализации, основным и аварийным освещением и т.д. Дополнительно 12ч работы на полную нагрузку обеспечивают резервные топливные емкости, расположенные в отдельном отсеке контейнера, докачка топлива в бак дизельгенератора осуществляется автоматически. Так же автоматически осуществляется докачка топлива в резервные емкости из внешнего хранилища.

Model: AD728-T400-2RN, № D09077