Medium voltage diesel generator set, model: ED2000-T6300-2RN

VETZ mobile container diesel generator set with reserve capacity of 2000 kW (model 2012).
Engine - MTU (Germany), generator - Marelli Motori (Italy), weight - 41935 kg, dimensions - 18970 х 3055 х 4090 mm.

VETZ (Vyazemsky elektotehnicheskiy zavod)

VETZ is one of the leading Russian manufactures of small and medium range power equip­ments for autonomous and local power systems. VETZ develops and manufactures diesel gen-sets, electrical units, power stations of the range from 25kVA to 20000kVA, of voltage 400V, 6000V-24000V, with high (1500 rpm) and medium speed (750-1200 rpm) engines. Besides VETZ produces load rheostats for energy equipment and aircraft ground power supply units.

Plant products are known among consumers for reliability and high quality. They function properly in all climates, from the far north to the tropics, they can rely on in the daily work and in emergency of natural disasters and military operations. Currently, thousands of power equipment units under the brand VETZ, operate in dozens of countries in all fields, from mining and humani­tarian programs, to transport infrastructure and armed forces.

Throughfull customization of power equipment under special user requests is the first strong point of VETZ, warranty and service covering all territory of Russia & CIS with global guaranties for world-brand components is another one.


VETZ medium voltage
diesel generator sets (in russian)

Diesel generator sets by application

General applications gen-sets

General applications VETZ gene­rating sets are intended to be used as prime, reserve, emergen­cy, auxiliary sources of the electric power supply for all branches of the economy and fields of the activity.

On frame gen-sets

VETZ on frame gen-sets are inten­ded for applications in buildings or temporary edifices and for the packaging in containers, shelters, on tracks and trailers.

Silent gen-sets

VETZ silent gen-sets are intended for applications inside or outside buildings – anywhere it is neces­sary to low the noise of a working gen-set to the level determined by active environmental norms.

Container gen-sets

VETZ container gen-sets are intended for applications outside buildings. They have high stability in negative climatic conditions; they are protected from a burglary and an external damage.

Customized gen-sets and power solutions

VETZ customized gen-sets are designed on the base of VETZ general application gen-sets but considering special functions necessary for the customer.

Medium voltage gen-sets

VETZ medium voltage 6000V - 24000V gen-sets of the unit prime power from 1250kVA to 20000kVA with high-speed 1500rpm and me­dium speed 750-1200rpm diesel engines.

Gen-sets for defence and emergency applications

VETZ gen-sets for defence and emergency applications are manu­factured to meet requirments of those special activities.

Gen-sets for NPP, TPP, HPP

VETZ gen-sets of Nuclear Power Plant applications are manufactu­red and designed according strict requirements of the industry for reserve and emergency power supply of critical NPP equipment in case of technical or natural disasters.

Gen-sets for powerhouses of the constant generation

VETZ gen-sets for the power hou­se generation are able to work long run continuesly under high changing load to be prime power source for autonomous local grid.

Gen-sets for naval and marine applications

VETZ gen-sets for naval and mari­ne applications serve as prime or auxiliary power sources for propul­sion drivers and other needs of sea and river vessels.

Load banks

VETZ load banks with passive or active ventilation of the unit load from 25kVA to 400kVA with the unlimited multiplication are used in the work and service of gen-sets and engines to maintain their long-run reliability.

Aircraft ground power supply units

VETZ manufactures aircraft gro­und power supply units in two ran­ges: diesel generating sets of 400Hz AC power and 28V DC power, and engine-generator con­verters of regular AC power of 400V 50Hz into 400Hz AC and 28V DC power.