VETZ customized diesel gen-sets and power solutions

Such special fields of the activity as the aviation and space exploration, nuclear power generation, defense and emergency actions, telecom and mobile communications, shipbuilding and some others influence heavily on the shapes, consistence and features of gen-sets applied and determine their differences from series ones.

Friquently considering special demands to the installation and application of gen-sets onsite the customer needs customized gen-sets or the gen-set system, special in the gen-set size, tanks capacity, output power, input and output connections and so on. In all the cases VETZ amends regular gen-sets or designs new gen-sets and power supply systems.

The maxima of VETZ is to use as much as possible standard gen-set and power solutions to short the design and manufacturing period and to cut the cost of new developments. The base equipment for customized gen-sets and power solutions is:

VETZ designs and manufactures highly customized gen-sets for applications in the following special fields of the activity:

Considering special demands to the installation and application of gen-sets, VETZ customozed gen-sets could include auxilliary and additional equipments:

Besides of special gen-sets under demands of the customers VETZ amends regular series gen-sets in many different ways:

For gen-sets of the permanent power generation with low-speed or medium speed engines and for container medium-voltage gen-sets with the power bigger than 3000kVA it happens that existing modes of transportations don't allow to bring the gen-set to application site as a whole, so VETZ manufactures them as the kit for the onsite assembling (figure 33).

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Figure 33

The design of VETZ medium voltage 2500kVA 6300V container gen-set allows the onsite assembling. MTU - Marelli Motori.

Model: ED2000-T6300-2RN, № D04033

In this case the gen-set is premanufactured and througfuly tested in VETZ, then it is dessembled on the following big parts:

The sizes of the assembling parts are determined by the rtansportation limitations and the availability of the equipment necessary for the assembling onsite.

The assembling parts are assembled onsite by VETZ assembling team or by the appointed contractor or by the customer staff according VETZ manuals and guidebooks.

In any case of the design and manufacturing of special and customized gen-sets the team of VETZ together with the customer representatives finds the solution and optimizes it to low the cost and to short the manufacturing time. VETZ manufactures the equipment and supplies it as the turn key power supply system.

VETZ pays high attention to the detailed quality control and tests of customized gen-sets and constructs special control and test equipments and applies special quality and test plans, such as VETZ test bench for 6000V-24000V medium voltage gen-sets (figure 34).

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Figure 34

VETZ special test bench for VETZ powerfull medium voltage gen-sets.

Model: ED2000-T6300-2RN, № D06057