General applications VETZ diesel gen-sets

General applications VETZ gen-sets are intended to be used as prime, reserve, emergency, auxiliary sources of the electric power supply for all branches and fields of the economy and human activity including such as:

VETZ gen-sets are applicable anywhere in need of regular, for some period of time, additional or emergency source of electric power to be presented locally or onsite.

VETZ manufactures gen-sets of following types:

To ensure the mobility of gen-sets for applications on the transport industry, natural resources operating, construction, defense and policing purposes (figure 19), in emergency actions in natural and technical disasters (figure 20), - VETZ manufactures gen-sets equipped with different kinds of trailers, they could be mounted on tracks, railway vehicles, marine and river ships, they could be delivered to the place of need by all means of transport (figure 21).

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Figure 19

VETZ 250kVA gen-set in soundproof canopy on a four wheels trailed for the Police forces of the Russian interior ministry.

Model: ED200-T400-1RP (MVD)
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Figure 20

VETZ 800kVA emergency gen-set in thermoproof container on a six wheels trailer for Volga hydro power station dam water gates.

Model: ED640-T400-1RN, № G12129
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Figure 21

VETZ 60kVA silent gen-set on a four-wheels trailer. Perkins-Mecc Alte.

Model: ED50-T400-1RP, № G07054

VETZ mobile gen-sets are designed for the long of independent work - because of fuel tanks of higher capacity (figure 22), to be operational in any climate and severe weather conditions, in the deep cold, high in mountains, in dry deserts and wet tropics, in strong winds, sand and snow storms, blizzards, ice rains – because of their engine cooling liquid heaters (figure 23), capacious tropical radiators (figure 24), fuel pumps (figure 25), and because of shelters – wetherproof ones (figure 26), soundproof canopies (figure 27), containers (figure 28) - customized according the application region.

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Figure 22

VETZ 400kVA emergency gen-set with the fuel tank of 2000l, Perkins-Mecc Alte.

Model: ED320-T400-1RP, № V10092
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Figure 23

A diesel heater of the cooling liquid of VETZ 37kVA silent gen-set on a four- wheel trailer. Iveco-Mecc Alte.

Model: ED30-T400-1RP, № D02019
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Figure 24

A diesel heater of the engine cooling liquid of VETZ 400kVA prime power gen-set with Perkins.

Model: AD320-T400-1RN, № G08057
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Figure 25

An integrated high capacity radiator with the fan drive from the engine shaft with the pulley of VETZ 2000kVA prime power container gen-set with Perkins engine.

Model: AD1600-T400-2RN, № D06060
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Figure 26

VETZ 250kVA prime power mobile gen-set on a fore-wheel trailer in weatherproof canopy (Ricardo-VSM).

Model: ED30-T400-1RP, № G07050
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Figure 27

Silent 38kVA prime power VETZ gen-set, (Perkins-MeccAlte) for a cold climate.

Model: AD30-T400-2RP, № G02016
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Figure 28

VETZ container gen-set of the prime power of 2000kVA, Perkins - Stamford.

Model: AD1600-T400-2RN, № D06060

VETZ gen-sets are assembled with perfect control and protection systems. They could work as under staff control (figure 29), as independently without staff involvement during long period of time (figure 30), including the function of automatic grid reserve (figure 31), automatic synchronization with the grid or other gen-sets (figure 32).

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Figure 29

VETZ silent 400kVA prime power gen-set with manual control (Perkins-MeccAlte).

Model: AD320-T400-1RP
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Figure 30

VETZ 625kVA automatic container gen-set (Perkins-Stamford).

Model: AD520-T400-1RN, № G12167
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Figure 31

The on frame automatic power transfer cabinet of 200kVA prime power VETZ gen-set, Ricardo-VSM.

Model: AD160S-T400-2R, № G12170
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Figure 32

VETZ container 2500kVA prime power gen-set is able to synchronize with the grid and 3 similar gen-sets, MTU-Marelli Motori.

Model: ED2500-T6300-2RN

VETZ gen-sets are manageable with telecommunication networks, including internet, intranet and GSM lines (figure 33).

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Figure 33

The space launch site power supply system consisting of 2 reserve container 800kVA gen-sets and auxiliary container with the intranet control system.

Model: Angara 2

VETZ gen-sets could control auxiliary devices, such as ventilation windows, fuel refill pumps, protection locks etc (figure 34).

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Figure 34

VETZ automatic fuel refill device with a level valve of VETZ 250kVA gen-set (Perkins-Mecc Alte).

Model: AD160-T400-2RN, № G09060

VETZ gen-sets could be integrated in automatic control systems of installations, or in Smartgrids and Microgrids (figure 35).

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Figure 35

VETZ container 500kVA gen-set for aeronavigation equipment is controlled by the equipment control center.

Model: AD400-T400-2RN