VETZ container diesel gen-sets

VETZ container gen-sets are intended for applications outside buildings. They have high stability in negative climatic conditions; they are reliable in the environment of the rain, snow, wind, low and high temperatures, humidity, sand storm, air pollution; they are protected from a burglary and an external damage.

VETZ container gen-sets have the outside temperature range of the application from -60C to +50C. Inside the thermoproof container it is ensured the necessary temperature level for the installed equipment, first of all – for the proper start and work of diesel engine.

VETZ container gen-sets are suitable for the mounting on trucks, railway trucks, trailers of different design (figure 1).

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Figure 1

VETZ 800kVA prime power container gen-set mounted on 6 wheels trailer.

Model: ED640-T400-1RN, № G12129

The design of the power generation core of VETZ container gen-sets is the same as one of VETZ on frame gen-sets (figure 2), but this core is installed in VETZ special container for the power equipment.

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Figure 2

VETZ 125kVA jn frame prime power gen-set, Deutz-VSM.

Model: AD150S-T400-1R

VETZ container gen-sets of the power up to 1000kVA are assembled on VETZ vibration compensation supports on VETZ tank-frames of big capacity for nor lesser than 6h of a full load work (figure 3).

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Figure 3

VETZ 400kVA gen-set on the tank-frame in the container.

Model: AD320-T400-1RN, № G08057

Besides own frame-tanks VETZ container gen-sets could be equipped with reserve fuel tanks installed rather inside (figure 4) or outside (figure 5) the container, and automatic fuel refill pump with a level valve (figure 6).

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Figure 4

Outside tank of 2tn for VETZ 625kVA prime power container gen-set (Perkins-MeccAlte).

Model: AD160-T400-3RN
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Figure 5

Container 400kVA VETZ gen-set (Iveco-Mecc Alte) with a reserve fuel tank of 1000l in separate compartment.

Model: AD280-T400-2RN, № G10086
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Figure 6

VETZ automatic fuel refill device with a level valve of VETZ 250kVA gen-set (Perkins-Mecc Alte).

Model: AD160-T400-2RN, № G09060

VETZ container gen-sets of the power from 1000kVA to 10000kVA are assembled on VETZ vibration compensation supports on VETZ enforced base frames. Gen-set fuel tanks in this case are installed separately inside or outside of the container (figure 7).

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Figure 7

4000l fuel tank is installed separately in VETZ container of 2000kVA prime power gen-set.

Model: AD1600-T400-2RN, № D06060

VETZ thermoproof containers for VETZ gen-sets are the frame constructions of hard frames welded of special beams flexed with 6-10mm steel sheets (figure 8). VETZ gen-set containers are constructed as mobile buildings with force frame and the designer is free to arrange inside the container rooms for the staff and for auxiliary equipment such as VETZ load banks (figure 9), VETZ battery UPS, VETZ downward or upward transforming stations (figure 10) etc., to plan jalousie and ventilation, windows, doors and movable walls anywhere it is necessary (figure 11).

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Figure 8

VETZ 2500kVA gen-set assembling in the frame container with removable walls.

Model: ED2000-T6300-2RN, № D04033
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Figure 9

VETZ load banks.

VETZ load banks
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Figure 10

VETZ 38kVA gen-set with upward transforming station 400V to 6300V.

Model: AD500-T400-2RP, № G11125
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Figure 11

The side jalousie and the door of VETZ 500kVA gen-set are arranged in a fixed wall, the front jalousie - in the removable one.

Model: AD400-T400-2RN, № G06045

VETZ gen-set containers are convenient in the lifting and transportation, they have high strength and flexible size: from 2400mm of the length of 37kVA VETZ container gen-set (figure 12) to 18000mm of the length of VETZ 3125kVA medium voltage container gen-set (figure 13) and more for VETZ medium speed gen-sets of bigger power.

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Figure 12

VETZ container 38kVA prime power gan-set.

Model: AD20-T400-2RN, № G05028
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Figure 13

VETZ container 2500kVA prime power gen-set.

Model: ED2000-T6300-2RN, № D04033

The thermoproof insulation of VETZ containers consists of 2 outer layers of 5mm polymeric reflecting foam and inner 50mm-100mm (depending on the region of the installation) plates of hard mineral wool, the outside cover is made with 1-3mm steel painted profiled sheets, the inside cover is made with 1mm zinc coated profiled steel sheets. The painting is phosphatic treatment, ground and Tikkurila industrial enamels.

For the transportation perposes VETZ gen-set containers are equipped with regular transportation container fittings as for their lifting with lifting equipment as for their fixing on regular truck or trailer container locks (figure 14).

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Figure 14

Upper and lower fittings of VETZ 625kVA gen-set (Iveco-Mecc Alte).

Model: AD520-T400-1RN, № G12167

VETZ gen-set containers are equipped with automatic inhale and outhale jalousies, automatic fire extinguisher (dust one or spray one or inertia gas one), fire and protection alarms, staff protections, ventilations, room heaters, regular and accident lights etc. The control of VETZ gen-set container devices is provided by VETZ container board separate from a gen-set control panel (figure 15).

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Figure 15

ATS board, gen-set control and container panels of 75kVA VETZ container gen-set (Perkins-MeccAlte).

Model: AD50-T400-2RN, № G06046

The separate installation of gen-set and electical equipment in a container is the rule, it pays for their light service and long-run life (figure 16). The passages inside the container give a plenty room for inside service of the gen-sets including their engines, radiators, alternators, power distribution boards, fuel system, exhaust system and other parts (figure 17). If necessary it is simple to remove the gen-set and other parts from the container via removable walls (figure 18).

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Figure 16

VETZ 25kVA prime power gen-set in the container (Perkins-MeccAlte).

Model: ED160-T400-1RP, № G11110
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Figure 17

Service passages in VETZ 75kVA container gen-set (Ricardo-VSM).

Model: AD50-T400-2RN, № G06046
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Figure 18

VETZ 625kVA prime power container gen-set with the removed front wall.

Model: AD400-T400-2RN, № G06045

Special VETZ gen-set silencers are mounted on the container wall (figure 19) for the gen-sets of the power up to 250kVA and for the gen-sets of bigger power - on the container roof (figure 20).

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Figure 19

The silencer of VETZ 25kVA container gen-set (Perkins-Mecc Alte) on a removable wall.

Model: AD20-T400-2RN, № D03023
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Figure 20

Two mighty silencers of VETZ 1000kVA container gen-set (Perkins -Mecc Alte) on a roof.

Model: AD800-T400-2RN, № D06061

VETZ container gen-sets are equipped with all necessary and auxiliary devices, such as:

VETZ container gen-sets are manufactured under the OEM approval with two different ranges of components: the original components of European producers (Z line) and licensed out components (V line).