Ground power supply units for the aircraft (GPU)

VETZ develops and manufacturers two series of ground power supply units for the direct power supply of aircraft:

Both of them meet power demands of all types of the aicraft (planes, helicopters etc. of Russian or any other country of the origin of all manufacturers) in power with necessary characteristics for the flight preparations and for the repair and service.

The aicraft power converters as well as aircraft power generators are able to be fixed in aiport premices or mounted on trailer or special aiport chassis or on the truck.

The aircraft power converters of AEMG series are designed for electrical motor-electrical alternator transformation of the general grid or regular gen-set power of 400V voltage and 50Hz to the power of 400Hz frequency or DC power which are in demand by the aircraft. The power of 400Hz frequency is applied to feed different devices of the aircraft, the DC power is applied to start up the aircraft engines.

Main type of VETZ power converters to feed the aircraft with 400Hz power is AEMG-60/30M1 converter with 60kW power (figure 1).

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Figure 1

VETZ GPU 400Hz converter AEMG-60/30М1.

Specification: AEMG-60/30M1

Main type of VETZ power converters to feed the aircraft with DC power is AEMG-50M1 converter of the power 32kW (two feeders of 16kW power applied together or separately) with the 1600A maximum current (figure 2).

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Figure 2

VETZ GPU DC converter AEMG-50М1.

Specification: AEMG-50M1

Ground power supply generating units of APA series are designed to generate the power of 400Hz frequency or DC power of 48М or 24V which are in demand by the aircraft. The DC power is generated by DC generator of the GPU or transformed from the generated power of 400Hz frequency by the solid converter installed inside the gen-set.

VETZ manufactures diesel gen-set GPU with the power of 95kVA, 125kVA and 150kVA (the continues power of the 400Hz output):

VETZ provides the service and repair of on truck VETZ GPU APA-35/30-130 still wide spread on small and regional airfields in CIS and some countries around the globe where Soviet aircrafts were exported (figure 6).

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Figure 6

VETZ on truck diesel gen-set GPU APA-35/30-130.

Specification: APA-35/30-130

As the customized development of VETZ medium voltage high power gen-sets, VETZ build stationary or on truck reserve power units for airdromes, where power supply units for the airport premices, the aeronavigation equipment and the aircraft are integrated (figure 7). In this case the special power for aicraft is distributed on the airfield by the cable network.

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Figure 7

VETZ mobile container on trailer gen-set of the prime power of 3125kVA of the voltage 6300V, 800kVA of the voltage 400V and with DC power supply device of 220V 150kVA, MTU - Marelli Motori.

Model: ED2500-T6300-2RN